What Does a Property Manager Do and how to find the best team?

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When it comes to managing vacation rental properties, it's not just about ensuring guests have a comfortable stay; it's about mastering the art of communication, demonstrating genuine care for properties, and optimizing cash flow. At Getaway and Stay, we call these the 3 C's, and they are the pillars of our property management philosophy. While being the best husband I can be, coaching my boys’ baseball teams, being a leader in their Cub Scout Pack and Boy Scout Troop and working as a Sergeant for the Milwaukee Police Department, I grew this business to where it is today. I wanted to create my own future for my family and be part of our visiting family's best memories. 

1. Communication: Connecting with Guests and Owners

Our commitment to communication is unwavering. We provide 24/7 coverage for guests, ensuring their needs are met promptly. For property owners, we deliver transparent monthly statements that break down every expense, fostering trust and clarity in our partnership.

2. Care: Nurturing Properties and Relationships

Caring for properties is not just a duty; it's a passion. Our dedicated team, equipped with the best cleaning crews, ensures that every property is maintained and presented to the guests in the most amazing way. We extend this care to our clients' properties as if they were our own, ensuring longevity and value appreciation. Check out our amazing 5 star reviews here, here and here!

3. Cash Flow: Mastering the Art of Pricing

At the heart of successful property management is cash flow optimization. Unlike larger property management companies that rely on fees and scale, we prioritize strategic pricing. By staying ahead of pricing trends, we secure the highest rates during peak seasons and employ savvy strategies to boost occupancy and revenue during slower months. The owner of Getaway and Stay hosts Vacation Rental Investor meetups in Milwaukee, WI and Pigeon Forge, TN and teaches other hosts and owners the best practices he has learned and implemented. Tom Ackley also attends national Vacation Rental Conferences and is part of several masterminds.

Differentiating from the Competition

In comparison to industry giants like Vacasa, Evolve or other local yet too large Vacation Rental Property Managers, we take a distinct approach. While they emphasize scale, we focus on personalized service and maximizing profits for property owners without resorting to excessive fees.

Why Hire the Right Vacation Rental Manager?

Managing a vacation rental property independently can be overwhelming, consuming an average of 20-30 hours per month, many of those hours being the busiest “check in time,” which is Friday afternoons around your family’s dinner time. Hiring the right vacation rental manager, such as Getaway and Stay], brings numerous benefits:

  • Full-Service Management: We handle every aspect, from marketing and pricing to property maintenance and 24/7 guest service.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Save yourself the time and energy spent on day-to-day tasks, allowing you to enjoy the financial rewards of your property without the stress.

Signs of a Good Vacation Rental Property Manager

As you evaluate property management options, consider the following factors:

  • Staff and Portfolio Size: A manager with a sizable portfolio should balance it with an adequate staff to ensure 24/7 guest support during peak seasons. While typing this, we either own or manage 17 different listings in 5 distinct markets. We have 5 amazing people on our team. As we slowly grow, we are prepared to hire the appropriate amount of team members to hold up our promise of high standards.
  • Digital Marketing Expertise: In a competitive market, a good manager understands how to optimize listings on various platforms, ensuring your property stands out.

Understanding Contracts and Fees

  • Management Fees: Ranging from 12% to 50%, fees should be considered in the context of the services offered. Lower fees might seem appealing, but they can lead to higher costs in the long run. Contact us to learn more about our property management fees.
  • Contracts: Avoid lengthy contracts that don't align with your property's booking potential. We do not lock you in to a long contract. If you do not like the way we manage, we want you to have the freedom to find a different route that works for you without any hurdles. 

The Best Choice: Getaway and Stay

Entrusting your property to a vacation rental manager is a significant decision. Choose Getaway and Stay for:

  • Top-Notch Care: Our professional, local teams ensure your property is well-maintained, and our rate-setting technology maximizes your rental income.
  • Industry-Leading Technology: We partner with major booking channels, utilizing cutting-edge technology to optimize pricing and enhance visibility.
  • Worry-Free Renting: With Getaway and Stay, you can enjoy worry-free renting while maximizing your revenue. Connect with our Homeowner Consultants for a custom estimate of your home's earning potential.

In the dynamic landscape of property management, choose a partner that goes beyond industry norms. Choose Getaway and Stay for unparalleled communication, care, and cash flow optimization.

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